Obama: Dreams from my father a short book review

Just finished president obamas first book “dreams from my father”. I really enjoyed it. It struck me how much it says about america that he got elected and that, through this book, I feel I know so much about him.

I can’t imagine knowing this much about the british prime minister. British politics always seems so aloof, so distant. Yet this is the leader of the “free world” and I’ve listened to his deepest musings of a decade or two of his own life. I already trust him more than any politician I’ve seen in the uk.

The book is thought provoking. An insight into the troubles surrouding us all. The challenges of race, gender, ethnicity, age, that we all deal with. What I like most of the multicultural aspect which gives a natural balance to the book. Seeing life for one individual in their journey through indonesia (asia), america and kenya (africa).

I’ve always felt that we have as much in the developed worl to learn and gain from other cultures as we have to give and teach them. For me that’s the fundamental thread of this book.

A fascinating and engrossing.

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