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Mitochondrial Ageing

I’m passing this link on because it explains the effects of ageing down to the mitochondrial and DNA levels. It’s a positive message that explains my faith that as I age, I can keep my vitality. The findings need to be confirmed, but they fit wider research. I just wanted to provide a reference so I don’t forget this.

Mitochondria Are the Powerhouse of… Alzheimer’s?

Some researchers think mitochondria could be hiding the key to Alzheimer’s disease. We may also have a new strategy to fight the threat the global banana industry has faced for decades.

Glen Jeffery explains: the Science behind Mitochondrial Infra-Red (MIR) (2024)

The Effects of Red Light on Vision

From this talk, I learnt that sunlight penetrates our bodies in a way I did not previously know or understand, and its effect on mitochondria is fundamental to our daily health and graceful ageing.

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