Can Golfs handicap system work in tennis?

Just been playing tennis. I’ve always wanted a handicapping system like that in golf to help each player compate themselves fairly given different skills and abilities.

Then realised new tech like fitbit and other wearable activity monitors could do this by helping me limit the shots I play or the speed I run to match my opponent.

I have learnt to do this anyway to make the rallies last longer. At first it seems boring because I’m constnlantly holding back but I’ve just realised I should be using this time to developer my own strategic skills.
It’s rare I play someone of my own skill. I’m not particulalry brilliant I just don’t know so many people who arte able to play. So it’s actually more fun to bring the physical parts of the game back down to equal levels and emphasise strategy to win.

I’m finding it a really useful way to develop my game further but also help my ftriend imrpvoe at thew same time.
The tech could just automate this by telling me when I exceed a certain speed, even telling me when I should act tired and go slower or something.

Then I could just focus on playing the game to these new rules and enjoy the challenge of winning on these terms
Comparing to golfs handicapping system is important because I find many people, guys in particular, don’t like the idea of handicapping. Yet these same guys play golf which has handicapping built right in. So I wonder how golf managed to instil the idea nd whether this comparison helps people understand its benefits.

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