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Shared knowledge and experience will make us free

I just had a realisation on the walk to work that I just had to write down.

It suddenly hit me that there is an interesting parallel between the role of DNA in our bodies and the knowledge and experience we share in our communities.

DNA is essentially a massive encyclopaedia of knowledge about the building blocks of human life. every cell has a copy and gets to decide how to use it depending on what is happening. Each cell therefore makes choices every day and is in control of itself. While most will respond to requests from elsewhere, such as the brain or liver they will also make regular decisions for themselves that benefit themselves, their neighbours and the rest of the body. So in a healthy body we have billions of cells all with their own near identical set of knowledge that they use to keep themselves healthy and work together to maintain the required equilibriums and optimal health.

I see that our own individual stores of knowledge and experience are the equivalent of DNA in cells. In the current climate it’s easier for us all to share atleast the same fundamental knowledge. As long as you have access to the internet at a decent speed you can read the same stuff as any one else. If this continues, and I hope it will, then future generations will eventually have access to all the information they need to survive. Just like our cells do. I also feel the internet is really supporting and encouraging our basic instinct to share and learn from each other. To work in teams, social groups and communities with everyone doing what the do best and passing around the fruits of their labour. Just like cells. Each person can take the same subset of knowledge and use what they need to do what they want and need to do. They also listen to the community and figure out what they can do for it. Each cell then benefits from the work other cells do which means that of all the things a cell needs for survival it only has to produce a small amount of it. Thus the cell really benefits and has a much easier life than if it were outside in the world on its own fighting for existence. The community also benefits because it’s able to keep adapting, surviving and growing.

I hope I’ve put the basic concept across clearly enough. I’m just seeing our bodies as an ecosystem that’s essentially supported and driven by knowledge and experience and seeing that our species is in the same struggle. The ability to share our knowledge and experience has real potential to set us free as individuals just like the cells of our body by ensuring that as communities we can provide for all.

I think that’s essentially where we’re headed and why a lot of what I do, my goals etc, and to see what little I can do to help. Can’t say I’ve done much yet but I’ve got ideas and I’ll see where they get in time. Just like this analogy because I think it expresses the concept well and helps me understand where I’m headed.

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