Hector Ruiz: The power to connect the world

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Just thought I’d share this tidbit from the CEO of AMD on his vision to connect 50 percent of the world through the internet by 2015. It’s an inspiring talk. I feel I am really watching history in the making these days. Obviously it’s always being made but I think it’s really dawn of a new age stuff.

The internet and the related technologies along with mobilephones have changed the world and the way we live so much it’s easily comparable to the invention of the steam and combustion engines. It’s just the time frame is even shorter. 
The idea that my mum remembers milk being delivered on horse and cart is just a completely different world. Well my kids are gonna be amazed that I used to write things down, couldn’t get hold of people because they weren’t at home where their phone was and that shops weren’t open at the weekends. 
How it’s changed. But I really do love where things are going. We know so much more about each other. 

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