Good health and fitness really is easy to achieve. Jim Laird explains how

Why are we all getting fatter and suffering from diseases of obesity? Jim Laird explains why being weaker and pushing ourselves too hard are literally wearing us into the ground.

I’m listening to Jim Laird on the simply human podcast right now and I just urge you to listen to his talk. He puts the reasons why into bite size examples you can understand.

You have to jump to around 10 minutes into the episode to hear Jim talking

click here to listen to the Jim Laird interview

What you will learn is

  1. that we don’t know enough about how our bodies work, particularly how they use energy and achieve great things
  2. we are weaker than we have ever been before
  3. we try to get fit by pushing our bodies beyond what is healthy
  4. health is much easier to achieve, you just need to be strategic

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