Parent workouts: Christmas lights switch on

Watching the christmas lights switch on

Watching the christmas lights switch on

Last weekend I had begun to fully appreciate just how much a special family moment can be a parent workouts because we were at the MK official christmas lights switch on which was1-2 hours of carrying the wee man. It may not sound much and you may wonder why the carrying is necessary but everyone was standing and had kids on their shoulders so he couldn’t see unless I carried him. Aha, all the parents now feel my pain!!!

Everyone is standing

Everyone is standing

The day after I could tell I had done a proper work out because I felt as tired and sore as if I had done a serious weights session. The little man is three this week and pretty much at the top percentile for height for his age and he is getting pretty strong. All this means he is getting heavier. So during the week I introduced him to the scales and guess how much this little bundle of energy weighs


dun dun dah

3 stone!!! yep that’s 20 kilos in new money which doesn’t sound like a huge amount out right but remember that carrying your little one isn’t all you are doing, there was also the backpack stuffed with drinks and snacks for us all, spare clothes, nappies, you know, a parents toolkit aka half your house :-), and of course we walked all around the shopping centre in between among other things so it all adds up. We may have walked 1-2 miles in the end. Which isn’t a huge amount but this was just a small trip, when you think of all the extra baggage that comes along with taking toddlers out you start to notice how much you are really doing.

Tons of fun

We had a ton of fun and it was all worth it which is for me the point of a parent workout. The stats I share will hopefully help you understand just how much of a workout you can get just having fun with your family. It is never to make you feel bad but instead it is to free you up to just get on with your life.

The main value of a parent workout over a gym workout is that the best workout is specific to what you need to work on. I would put to you that nothing will make you strong and healthy enough to enjoy a day with your family, like having a day with your family. The movements you get with a gym are like processed food. They satisfy you but lack all that is needed to really make you strong and fit enough to enjoy your days..


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