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The World Cyclocross Championships Workout


Parent workouts simply means fitting your workout within your normal parenting day instead of trying to fit it into the millisecond of free time you have.

Yesterday I did my parent workouts while taking mini me to the World Cyclocross Championships as they visited Milton Keynes for the first time. I couldn’t actually believe that a world championship event would be right on my doorstep so I was determined to take advantage. It was set in the picturesque campbell park so I was hoping it was a chance to introduce the wee man to cycling and have another outdoor trip.

In the end it was a terrific day out and also an epic workout. I didn’t have my stepper with me to tell you the mileage but we didn’t just walk all around the park and up and down hills but we had to walk all the way from a nearby estate because parking was severely restricted. Not the biggest thing on its own but with a toddler, as you will all know, it becomes its own odyssey. It was easily a mile and wasn’t flat ground.

The trek from parking the car to the event meant I could take mini me across a big bridge and show him all the cars running right underneath. We also got to explore a little more of the countryside that exists within Milton Keynes which is very much my favourite aspect of living in such a green city. What mini dude loved most was watching the moon as it appeared to move while we walked. It just fascinated him.

I have only ever seen cyclocross on TV, not in real life so it was absolutely fantastic to see it up close. The first view we got was exceptional because we could see a lot of the course with all the riders speeding around at various places. It was quite a sight and quite an introduction. We both just stood in wonder for a minute or so.

Then we proceeded to wander. Down 50 or so steps, along many of the paths, up and down hills, through mud, more mud and yet more mud. It’s cyclocross, what do you expect!! my mini peppa pig loved it of course because I kept telling him about all the muddy puddles!!!

My one grump was my phone, it crashed so I could not take any more photos and there were so many beautiful photo ops so I can only show what I took.

Our first biker

First we climbed a hill and saw our first biker!!! I couldn’t believe just how close these guys were going to the posts at break neck speed. They really were missing them by a whisker.


Then we crossed the tracks and saw the inner circuit. Above is the bike cleaning area. I was told the bikers have two bikes because they collect so much mud on through the course that it is quicker to switch to a spare and have your team clean the mud off. That gave me a whole new perspective on the challenges these athletes face.


Next we saw the back end of the track and watched more bikers fly by.


By the end the sun was close to setting and gave us a beautiful view of the park.

A summary of the mens race that we watched is attached below and will be a great reminder of a very memorable day.


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