Roasting, my way

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Another way of making meals full of taste but simple to make is to mix cooking methods. I’m being very liberally in my use of the term cooking method.

Tonight I used a roasted chicken breast that i’d frozen a few weeks ago from a freshly roasted chicken i’d bought from the supermarket. Rather than defrost it I tried a trick I copied from the fish I cooked last week. It was wrapped in tin foil with a little butter added and put in the oven. I had no foil so I used baking paper instead.

For the veg I opened a can of tinned carrots, yep I’m really being lazy and experimental at the same time, a bit of olive oil, sprinkling of thyme and rosemary. Salt and pepper the roast carrots are sorted. Then I peeled an onion sliced the top and wedged a little butter in. Put in tthe same tray. As the carrots.

Then, cos it’s christmas I’m trying out sprouts. I never liked them but feel like I might find a way. This time I’ve sliced 4 sprouts and mixed them with some tinned peas a little mint and sauteed them in a frying pan.

When it all came together I added some pinenuts to the sprouts and peas.

Anywho. The point is I loved it but I didn’t have to put so much effort into it. Sure I do it all properly when I have time and the energy but I wanted a roast without all the effort. My dinner hit all the right spots. I had a bunch of tasty veg so I feel real healthy and now I’m just putting my feet up and chilling

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