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A set of posts I want to write are about the amazing people and references I have come across over time. I have learnt so much from these guys that I use to make every day more special so I want you to be able to benefit as I do.

A liberated body

For example I have just found the liberated body podcast and entered a world full of experts that are speaking my language. It’s the first place I have ever found where every one is saying exactly what have always said about the body and health. There is plenty of debate and each person featured conveys their story and vision in their own unique way but the underlying love of the human body and the holistic approach to caring for it is paramount. The beauty with a podcast is that you can listen to these whilst you go about your day, you don’t have to schedule specific time to sit down and read them.

Explore their words

So, while this blog will be influenced by these thinkers I urge you to explore their words for yourself.

It is resources like these that I want to share because while I could make my own resource it would take time and effort and I still wouldn’t do as good a job as these guys. I’m always more interested in seeing how I can compliment what is out there and fill in the gaps than re tell stories that have already been told so well.

I have already reviewed some books and provided some other links that I can bring here but I really want to know what experts and topics you want featured? What are you most interested in?

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