brown gourmet mushrooms on beige background

Oyster mushrooms in garlic butter with roast vegetables

Ok, so the last couple of articles have been a bit intense. So I’m gonna lighten the mood. I just had a terrific meal and so I have to share. Sorry that I didn’t take a pic but I’d started eating before I remembered.

What I really want to share is how darn easy it was. I’ve been working on this easy way of cooking for a while and it’s starting to come together. The end result is that I’m now having gorgeous meals I can whip up as my mood dictates that are home made yet have the ease of being frozen.

Todays delight was oyster mushrooms I’d bought half price on offer at the supermarket. I washed and froze them in individual portions as soon as I got home. The roast veg I made yesterday and froze after. I freeze them after I’ve boiled the root veg then toss in some oil, this time duck and lamb fat cos that was what I was cooking, herbs, and seasoning.

So, feeling lazy but wanting something nice I checked the freezer. I spotted the gravy I made yesterday, then the mushrooms in the freezer and the roast veg, mmmmm I thought.

Just poured the veg into a tin to roast and popped in the oven. I thought about the mushrooms. They cook much quicker than the veg and I couldn’t be bothered to keep popping back to the oven to put extra items in and stuff. So my answer. Put them in their own tin with a dash of butter on each shroom. Then cover with tin foil so they won’t dry out and put in the oven.

Half an hour later I came back, heated up the gravy and dished up. I know it’s my own cooking but it was a real treat. The flavours were big and it all worked together. Best of all I got to carry on with christmas!!!

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