Why I know I get enough vitamins and what to do if I don’t

It occurred to me that most people think they need vitamins and blindly change their diet confident that it will make them feel better. The truth is usually that your body is wildly more complex than you probably realise so you often cause more harm than good.

So I ask myself how can I help? what’s the simplest thing I can do and I realised I could just share with you the first book I read that introduced me to vitamins. It’s a book about healthy eating where the chapter on vitamins was so clear I remember it to this day. While our knowledge may have moved on the general facts and principles outlined here have not. The cautions over too few or too many vitamins are pretty much the same.
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I know… I know the title is quite cliche but the book is written by a professor who knows his stuff and how to share it. The vitamin section is just 30 pages but covers the basic history of the discovery of each vitamin along with simple discussions on why supplementation is only for specific cases. I’ve read around nutrition a lot and this is still one of the best I’ve found in terms of clarity and simplicity.
The message is simply that the body is incredibly well made and adapted out of the box (womb) as long as it is used as intended and well cared for. If that isn’t the case then supplements (pills) can help but should be provided by a qualified and experience person and as a means to get back to rehabilitate not as a crutch for life.
The book was Published in 1993 but while we know more now the general principles haven’t changed. As a quick example. This book taught me that the term vitamins came from vital amines and how each vitamin was discovered. It’s strength is that it is written for a lay person and thus an introduction to the topic of vitamins.
I’m passionate about the whole of the body and sharing how much we already know and how simple it is to get it working properly if you take the time to understand it.
So, if you wanted a really simple and straightforward introduction to vitamins or general healthy living from an expert who can write for a lay person then checkout this book. Last time I checked it was only 69p so it really won’t break the bank.
Thanks to Aligned and Well who inspired this post through one of her comments.

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