Lab grown human heart muscle

Lab-grown human tissue flexes its muscles for the first time

Lab grown human heart muscle

I just came across the article Lab-grown human tissue flexes its muscles for the first time and had to record it.

I’ve held back from sharing my hard core body nerd fetish that you see on my other blogs and but now I think I can safely share it.

You see, I am truly obsessed about how humans work and I have been ever since I can remember. This article struck me as a point in history that I will remember, the first time a long awaited goal for mankind is reached so, of course, I must record it.

At the same time I learnt something critical within it that moved my understanding of health care on, so again I had to find a way to record it.

And now, to the article….

The tag line read

Scientists have coaxed human cells in a petri dish
to form muscle tissue that twitches and contracts just like the real thing.

So I was hooked but just a few paragraphs I found the real gem in my eyes when I read that

Cholesterol lowering statins have detrimental effects on muscle tissue, one statin was so harmful that it had to be withdrawn from the market.

I was genuinely taken aback because it was the first I had heard of that particular side effect. Being the positive guy I am 🙂 I thought it was good that they are clearly looking hard to develop better drugs because, though I have heard plenty of side effects of statins, they still seem to be the best solution we have for the moment. Best besides moving properly and understanding how your body works but lets leave that argument aside for now 🙂

I added it to the long list of references I have accumulated in my study on the question Can you manage Coronary Heart Disease through physical activity?

The article goes on to confirm that

The bioengineered muscle bundles respond to electrical and chemical signals and contract just like normal muscle.

Which is a statement I still find amazing. The article has a picture of a muscle cell twitching which, to a body nerd, is the epitome of beauty. Just the thought that this now exists and in time might become common place, something you can touch and play with is so exciting.

To hear about it’s real purpose is enlightening because it gives an insight into how the industry is thinking. Their basic scientific rigour came through as they summarised the initial tests they have run to ensure this muscle tissue acts like muscle tissue of a human with results like

the bundles had weaker contractions in response to statins and the malaria drug chloroquine, just like normal muscles do — and that this effect worsened if more of each drug was used.

I urge you to check out Lab-grown human tissue flexes its muscles for the first time and see what more you can learn.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about your body.

Until next time have a great day.


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