Got some food to use up but don’t now the recipe? try

Heard from the gadget show about the website. Just checked it out and was impressed within the first minute. Why? Cos I have some fresh broccoli at home that I didn’t know what to do with. I know.. I know it’s just broccoli but recipe books don’t list all the things you can do with broccoli and since it’s fresh I didn’t just want to boil it and serve. I want to do something special.

I had some ideas but I heard supercook gives you tons of ideas. I tried it and it did. 2000 ideas. And that’s after I narrowed things down by adding a bunch of other ingredients. Signed up in a flash. All the ingredients I’d added were still stored. Turns out that I could make 30 or so of the recipes listed with the few ingredients I’d added. So I’ve added a bunch more ingredients and now I can make 569 recipes right now!! How cool.

A few things I’d like to see is how long each recipe is going to take both in preparation and cooking. that helps me pick the recipe for my mood. sometimes I want quick easy food. Other times I’m in the mood to cook.

So far though I’m seriously impressed. It’s been so user friendly and helpful.

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