Come to the table: louise luiggi

Just finished reading "come to the table" by Louise Luiggi. Kat wanted to pop into borders before all the books had gone. I didn't want anything but tagged along. The cover intrigued me with tag line "a passion for eating and French living".

Just reading the jacket I new I would like it. A memoir of a journey discovering the role food plays in our lives and how to use to provide balance and happiness.

I really enjoyed reading it. A few recipes are provided but louise does not profess to be a cook. She simply shares the insights of a life torn between england a france. first as an au pere, then as wife to Stephane her corsican husband.

The lessons she learns through opening a shop to celebrate "french living" show how clearly the english and french attitudes to food differ and affect our lives.

It's just inspired me to be even more creative with the cooking stuff I got for crimbo. I can't wait to get started.

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