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DNA our blueprint: Is there a natural way to protect it and improve our quality of life?

What I’m reading now implies that a key factor in ageing is, in fact, disease, particularly viruses. The main reason, I feel, is that viruses have the ability to change our DNA.

It’s logical to assume that when we’re young, we’re well-equipped to fix ourselves because our DNA is accurate. Viruses, by definition, change our DNA, and the longer they’ve been around, the more chance they’ve had to stop our DNA from working properly.

I could argue that the main causes of death outside accidents are all related to organ failure of some kind or the failure to maintain the body effectively. From what I’ve read it seems entirely plausible that all this could simply be explained thus. The body cannot fix itself properly because its blueprint, DNA, has been corrupted by too many viruses.

This implies that our resistance to disease, particularly viruses, is key. I always try to find a natural answer, and this time, it’s with the thymus gland. I recently renewed my knowledge of it. I always knew that it’s the largest organ in the body when we’re born, but shrinks to the size of a pea when we’re much older. It’s one of the main organs of our immune response. T cells come from the thymus. B cells from
bone marrow. the thymus is proportionately large when we’re young because we have no natural defence. The thymus builds it. I haven’t yet found out whether the thymus shrinks through lack of use, pre-programmed need, or some other reason.

I can’t help wondering whether many diseases of old age could ultimately be related to ineffective or insufficient protection from killer T cells. If so, do the lifestyles we lead, particularly as children, make the best use of this natural defence?

The immune system in more detail by nobelprize.org

Further references

  • Is your DNA an EMF antenna?
    • The comment below from @theophrastusbomblastus821 is taken from the video comments and is simply amazing and perfect for understanding bioelectricity. 
    • Speaking as someone who has researched bioelectromagnetics for 25+ years it was a refreshing surprise to see this video pop up. The answer to your question is likely Schumann radiation that comes from the 50ish lightning strikes per second striking the earth at any given time (when life evolved the electromagnetic environment was a thousand times more dynamic, the Schumann resonance equation applied then just as it does now, being based on the size of the earth in large part). This lightning causes electromagnetic waves that reverberate around the globe between the crust ionosphere cavity. You may have noticed that coincident with a lightning flash is a burst of static on a radio, this is the large spectrum (the equation predicts resonance at roughly 8, 14, 21, 28 and 33 hz etc, we can only measure the first 5 due to our own noise but interestingly the 10th order resonance is 60hz hehe) radiation. It is also important to remember that DNA is just a recipe book, whilst some think the blueprint for life is actually informational electromagnetism operating in a feedback loop (cybernetic relationship) with developing cells and tissue. I share this view. Continuing (and far far more) the visionary work of researcher Robert O. Becker, the leading man on this topic is developmental and synthetic biologist Michael Levin at Tufts. If you are interested in bioelectromagnetics here are a few books I consider indispensable and am proud to say have on my own shelf, there is also a journal called,
      • Bioelectromagnetics.
      • Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems, W. Ross Adey and Albert F. Lawrence, eds, 1984
      • Electromagnetism and Life, Robert O. Becker and Andrew A. Marino, 1982
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      • The Geomagnetic Field and Life: Geomagnetobiology, A. P. Dubrov, 1978 (a crown jewel in my collection)
      • Magnetobiology: Underlying Physical problems, Vladimir N. Binhi, 2002
      • If your interested in the “Havana Syndrome”, here is the definitive text: Auditory Effects of Microwave Radiation, James C. Lin, 2021
      • If the medical-industrial complex and military-industrial complex would just take their foot off the throat of bioelectromagnetics we could counter the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution with the very same technology, but at present it does not appear this will ever happen.

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