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It’s all been said before

I just read a fascinating article over at Rosstraining showing that what we see today in terms of health and how it can be affected so positively with regular activity, was just as relevant 100 years ago as it is today. It links to a fascinating book which could almost have been written today and is full of insights. Just thought I’d make a pointer to it here as it’s definitely worth a read.

edit 2023 August 27th

Unfortunately I just checked the link and I can no longer find the article even though I searched quite thoroughly. The reason I searched is because I enjoyed reading rosstraining and I still have a lot of respect for they style of discourse and analysis. Boxing and martial arts writing introduced me to a world of human potential and understanding that science has often missed. The breadth of analysis and research matches my own hunger for information and looking through the site today reminds me why I enjoyed the site and how much it taught me. So I leave the reference to pick up later as I include links to sites and people who have inspired and educated me on my journey.

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