Sir Paul Nurse: Organisms are information networks

How often is it that you find a video of someone expressing the exact view you’ve had of something. It’s increasingly common these days but not exactly everyday is it. That’s what I got what I discovered sir Paul Nurse’ talk explaining the notion that Organisms are information networks.

The idea that dna is basically a data storage mechanism, that you can think of the hardwiring inside a computer in relation to the wet wiring inside a human. The idea of airplane networks resembling the networks in the brain. These concepts I’ve touched on before.

I really like the end comment about the new age of biology we seem to be entering. He compares physics at the turn of last century going from newtonian to einsteinian physics. The huge change this had on the way we viewed physics from something thats common sense to something extremely abstract and difficult to comprehend.

It all comes from the advancement of better tools of analysis which lead to better theories and understanding. Physics and chemistry have theirs. Now biology has enough tools to reach it’s next phase of understanding.

It’s just fascinating and exciting to hear such an eminent biologist make this statement. Makes me feel I’m not alone with my views and look forward to the coming discoveries.

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