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Brain health

I have a ton of research and links on this site about the brain, mind, brain health, sleep and so many other things brain related but I do not have a central introductory post on the brain that acts as a starting point links to everything else. So here it is.

Even writing this basic stub I notice how much the research on the brain suffers because there is no link to the underlying understanding of normal human activities, their benefits and what we know about how they work. So I have made a small attempt to link to some of this research and will add a lot more in time.

The main point to take away is that normal healthy human activity, the everything in moderation approach to moving, recovering, eating, sleeping and all that is all you need for amazing health. How and why is where it gets complicated so I am starting with a video exploring the current knowledge of the brain. It’s more degree level oriented so I will add a simpler one in time but for now the essence is that good health activities benefit your brain and set you up for a long life and improve your experience of life well into old age.

Staying Sharp: Current and Future Approaches to Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Therapeutics

This is a wonderful synopsis video on current theory and research on the brain, brain health and how to age well with a nice set of mental faculties

A brief synopsis

Key things to do to keep your brain functioning well into old age

  • Exercise: Its the most important factor
  • Education
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep: Getting enough really helps

Brain Related posts

I noticed in the lecture above the disciplines lack of understanding on why or how each of these things contribute to brain health and function. So while they may report that exercise and education for example are important they can not explain why or how. This is a shame and reflects the specialised and focused nature of research and science in general which has its strengths but misses out on wider knowledge such as how movement impacts and helps the whole human being including the brain.

The reasons that exercise, sleep and other life activities impact us is easy to understand if you learn a little about those areas and because they affect the whole body the time taken will continue to benefit you in anything else you learn in the future.

For this reason I have included a sort list of some of the articles on this site relating to the brain to give you an idea of how the brain is affected by everything else. If you want to explore further then chekc out the categories list including ‘brain’, ‘mind’ or ‘activity’

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