Next steps: More posts or less?

So I’ve been thinking about the next steps for Fit2Thrive. I like a lot of the posts that I’ve created so far but I still need to explain more clearly the message behind the site.

You see, for years I have been exploring human health and been convinced that there are easy ways to achieve great health for most people but there is just so much conflicting information out there that it’s hard for people to know which is a myth and which is fact.

At the same time I find that we all know so much about many things in our lives like social networks, or computers or our houses, these are things that facilitate our lives, but we know so comparatively little about how we work as human beings. The literal platform on which our life runs.

So I want to do what I can to narrow that gap.

I want to help people understand their bodies better but at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm them because

the body is quite literally tougher to understand than rocket science

Don’t believe me? run the numbers. We can’t even agree how many cells there are that make up the average human body but a rough guess runs at between 3-80 trillion (1 trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 so either 3 times this number or 80 times this number). Either way it is more stars than there are in the known universe!!! I know…. I know it’s mind blowing and I still struggle to believe it but it’s true.

To make things more complicated each cell is easily as complicated as a large city with all sorts of reactions and processes going on at any one time and lots of different cell organs (or organelles) all doing their job.

So basically each cell is incredibly complicated and there are more cells in your body than stars in the universe. I think that makes a human body more complicated than a rocket. The analogy can go much further but I hope you get the point.

For now though I’ve been struggling to figure out whether I should release more posts or less because I’ve spent a lot of time over many of the posts but I was only able to convey a small amount of information. Yet if I pack too much info into one post that becomes overwhelming. I’m leaning towards more posts because it takes the pressure off each individual post and allows me to spread the information and the topics so I can vary the tone and intensity.

I’ve also had some themes I wanted to pursue through this blog that should be fun and thought provoking but also practical and that’s where I want to head. to keep things short I’ll tell you want they are in the upcoming posts.

So I just wanted to give you an idea where this blog is headed and give you a chance to have your say. I notice that Parent workouts gets plenty of views but I want to know what you really want and how I can help. I’m really good at getting my body to do what I want it to and make my life more fun so what’s getting in your way of doing fun stuff or having great health. let me know and I might have an answer for you.

Have a great day.

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