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Fit for daily life: Life is easier when you are fit

Another example of being fit making daily life easier is when I popped out for a walk around a local lake with some friends and their kids. I noticed how important fitness was. I was carrying one of the kids most of the way. It felt much like doing squats, presses and arm curls all combined.

My five sets of tennis really helped with stamina. It’s built up my shoulders very well. It also helped yesterday when I was doing some DIY.

Basically lots of daily things work better when you’re fit enough. So life becomes much easier when you’re fit.

My idea with these posts is simply so explain why I care so much about being active. It isn’t about living longer or even losing weight. It’s about having more fun, really living your life. Being fit simply allows you to live your life to the full much more. That can’t be a bad thing can it.

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