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Can somebody please support self directed learning!!!

I’m a self directed learner. I’m not one for the whole course or module mentality. Mainly because, now that I work, I just don’t have the time or the patience to commit to such a slow process of learning. Particularly when you only get the grade at the end. You have to devote months of your life to the possibility that you’ll get a fair grade when they decide to test you.

To me I just feel the formal education approach available to adults right now is high risk,for little reward. At least as a self directed learner I can easily adjust to all the life events that occur in between. It doesn’t really get in the way. I just pick up later where I’ve left off.

I think there are many people who see things the way I do. They love to learn but they can’t find anyone targeting their need. So we just do it in our amateur way. In self directed learning, a market with great potential I expand on this idea. Just to contribute to the debate really. I feel the most common type of learning is self directed. Formal is  much rarer. It’s only because formal education is the dominant form in our early years when we know no better that we think it’s the only kind. It isn’t.

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