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Why I love to teach everyone what I know

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I just realised why I love to teach everyone what I know and give away all my secrets.

When people consider who is the greatest in any sport. Rod laver or Roger Federer in tennis for example. It’s a common phrase to say that you can only beat what’s in front of you.

Since each sport has improved immeasurably over the years it’s hard to know how players from past eras would fair these days.

My hunch though is that they would still be the best in the world because they’d find a way to compete.

That’s why I want to pass on everything I know because I want to raise the standards in the areas I compete in. What’s the point in holding knowledge when you could share it and achieve so much more. By letting go of your achievements you have incentive to reinvent yourself again. Others get in front of you and you get to learn from them. You thenhave the fun of catching up and over taking them.

Only when you show you can keep up with any contender in this way can you truly be considered the best. Because you always found a way to be the best.

What I like most is that you never stop improving. That’s got to be good for everyone. Surely

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