Android keyboard video and mouse (KVM)

It occurred to me a little while back as it has to many people that with an external jeyboard, video and mouse you could essentially turn your android, or other smart phone, into a portable computer with a 500mhz or so processor. When the faster 1ghz processors come along it really would be a useful bit of kit.

All you need is a way to connect these peripherals. I’ve looked into usb based devices but heard comments that bluetooth is the way to go. Neither route it supported in Android at this point and it’s really a quest to see which would be implemented first.

The advantage with usb is that the handset could power the device. I carry a spare battery(only £7 each so why not) so I’m not as scared of battery drain as others, problem is the amount of wires needed. Bluetooth (BT) sounds great but the one headset I purchased didn’t work with the phone I bought it for so I’m not experienced with bluetooth and scared about battery drain and compatibility issues. I also don’t know how well BT handles multiple devices. My guess, given the G1’s limited hardware, is not as well as we’d like. However bluetooth might be the one to watch for the future.

There seem to be some hacky tips to pair android with bluetooth keyboard/mouse

edit 20100112
Looked a bit further into this. Specifically at the ability to get the video from my mobile phone onto a larger screen.

Obvious answers are to get some kind of video out. Might look into that either in my next phone or a usb to video out adaptor.

Found the mtube II mid and archos 5 tablets. The prices are coming down but you’ve still got to pay for the screen, battery, processor, hard drive etc so you really just want a tablet anyway. If it had a bunch of other uses like gaming, particularly web gaming. Still though I’m wondering why bother since I already have a laptop. Why pay for all this extra juice and power when I have a phone capable of dealing with that. I really just need a bigger screen for it.

Celloiviewer is a tv that supports wifi. At 32″ and 26″ it’s a little too big to fit in my pocket and I expect it’s pretty expensive.

More interesting are media glasses
Lumus have a range and so do myvu. In terms of prices myvu crystal original all in one package is $199.95. Kind of affordable. It also just needs a video out. It’s designed for the iphone so atleast this means it’s meant for a phone.It’ll also work with anything with a video out so it’ll work anywhere. Potentially I can hook it up to my PS3. that sounds like a cool idea.

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