The good, the bad and the caffeine

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Another thing I’ve noticed a lot these past few months is that my reaction to food depends on how I’m feeling. what’s made this clear is my reaction to caffeine. I drink decaf and even then I feel it’s effects, from, a raised pulse to heightened attention.

Sometimes just a tiny amount can actually make me feel a little uncomfortable because my mind starts to race and won’t relax. Even though I want to chill out it won’t let me. Other times the same amount of caffeine seems to have little effect and I associate it with chilling out with a cup of coffee.

So why would this happen. How can I explain the same amount of coffee in exactly the same drink having completely different effects. That’s what I’ve been pondering. My simple answer is that when I’m already stimulated, say I didn’t sleep too well and so adrenaline is running round my system keeping my awake I feel the effects of the caffeine more than if I’m really relaxed. Another way to put it is if there isn’t much adrenaline running round my body and my body isn’t primed to work with it then it a little caffeine has little effect. If however my body is already primed then it may tip me over the edge from being mildly stimulated to I can’t even relax kind of stimulated.

Now that I recognise the difference it’s made it easier for me to figure out when a little coffee is good and when it’s not gonna help me.

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