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Enjoy everyday activities more by knowing how digestion works

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Because it’s not what you eat but the way that you eat it it is important to understand that the benefits of knowing why eating while moving can be bad for you? can be applied to more than just moving around. Exercise is just one situation where dehydration is likely. Being aware of all the situations and activities where dehydration can …

Customising and add to the snare of the head of the snooker chalking the stick or cue.

What can snooker teach us about obesity? Yes, it might actually have health benefits part three

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If you haven’t already, read part one and part two Ronnie O’Sullivan is an amazing player just with his right hand, but his ability with his left hand gives him a real edge because it gives him much better reach. If you haven’t played snooker, then it’s important to know that every so often, the best shot to play is impossible to actually …


What can snooker teach us about obesity? Yes, it might actually have health benefits part one

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Snooker is probably the last sport that you would consider to be in any way healthy, let alone teach you anything weight loss or how to prevent obesity. I was so surprised when I realised something fundamental about snooker.
I cannot name a single snooker number one or world champion that had serious trouble with their weight during their triumphs.
Find out why I think this happens and how it can help you in part one of three.

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Achieving your goals means being good at fixing mistakes

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I just had to write about this presentation I just watched by Jeff Hawkins founder of Palm computing on how our response to failure is key to learning how to succeed. The presentation is focusing primarily on business but to be honest I just feel it applies to life. I was lucky that in certain areas of my life, particularly …

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Understanding individual uniqueness and complexity is the only true way to finding permanent solutions

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That’s a pretty bold statement and yet for me it’s always the one that’s always held true. My career of the last 8 years has basically revolved around fixing all manner of problems. Some large, some medium and many small. Many times the best fix for a big problem to solve the little problems. Afterwards the big ones often solves …