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Weight Loss: How do you control hunger? Don’t eat too regularly

One common pattern I have noticed about my own hunger is that the more regularly you eat, the more you start wanting to eat.

What this means is that your body literally responds to what you do with it. If you eat regularly, then it creates a habit. It’s worth knowing that your body actually sets up its own internal cycles according to your habits and what happened over the last few days.

One time I was eating 5 meals a day. It was part of a diet I was trying. I found that I would then be hungry 5 times a day or more at about the times that I normally ate. Being a food addict, this wasn’t helpful. I find it hard enough to resist food. Being constantly reminded wasn’t useful.

I notice the same problem during Christmas and other feasts. I snack during the day and I snack a lot. At first, I feel really full, but my body quickly adjusts. It starts to expect this regular snacking pattern, leaving me hungry throughout the day. It doesn’t actually matter whether my body needs the food. It just seems to adjust.

What’s actually happening is that my body is making sure it digests food faster so the stomach is ready for the next meal. The regulatory systems also adjust to remind you to eat at the relevant times.

The point is that it becomes really easy to eat a little more than usual and often a lot more. So, since my rhythm is out of sync, I need to get it back in sync. It is as simple as reverting to normal meals, but you have to wait 2-3 days before your body fully accepts the change. Until then, you’re likely to feel hungry at regular intervals.

Now that I know this, I can regain control of my hunger, making weight loss easier. Another tool I use to restore my balance is intermittent fasts.

I hope this helps. What techniques do you use to control or eliminate your hunger?

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