Are you the product of your environment?

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walking through town

walking through town

Are you who you are because of the way you were born or because of how you were raised? This is the age old question of nature and nurture and I like to challenge you by asking this question about yourself.

1) Are you the same in all situations, no matter what pressures are on you, so you could argue that you are born a certain way and can’t change despite the pressures on you?


2) Do you adjust to the situation and demands as best you can, meaning that your life is nurturing you and so you are a product of the life that you lead?

Two people who believe strongly that our environment moulds us are

1) James Clear, who shared a wonderful equation by Kurt Lewin that reveals how habits shape your health, happiness, and wealth

Lewins equation: Behavior is a function of the Person in their Environment.

Lewins equation


2) Katy Bowman, a biophysicist who studies how the forces we experience in life lead to the shape and health of our cells, organs and body as a whole. Her current focus is on the forces we can use to strengthen our skin


Applying force to skin

Your thoughts

So, what do you think, are you who you are no matter what or do you adjust continually to your environment. Most likely is that in some ways you are who you are and others you adjust.

So the real question I have for you is

how much of your life is under your control and how much is out of your control?

There really is no right answer which makes you opinion so much more valuable. In my up coming product we will explore how the environment affects your health and what you can do about it?

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