Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA? A Test To Help You Decide

So I found  Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA? A Test To Help You Decide while reading
Your weird behavior is the key to finding your career niche. Business and sport go hand in hand. I’m not the first to think that.

What was interesting was the list of traits that predict future success. Check them out and see what you think. They’re the same list you find in most articles and books, the wording might be slightly different. The infographic provides a nice short checklist and explanation.

For fun try applying this to sport itself. If you think of sports and competition as exams where you perform under pressure. Do the most successful people share these traits? I feel Roger, Rafa and Novak do in their own way. Murray has done more recently in that he’s been able to apply his intelligence better on court and channel his emotions much better.

Flip it the other way too. The predictors of bad leaders. Do these fit many of the guys who don’t do so well. Of course Lance Armstrong seems to fit the bill perfectly. Jimmy Connors could in theory fit both the good and the bad aspects.

Even more the irrelevant characteristics of IQ and conscientiousness are fascinating. Highlighting the difference between street smarts or the ability to apply your knowledge with plain knowledge. It doesn’t matter what you know but how well you apply it.

Conscientiousness, being responsible and industrious. Nice things to have but Steve Jobs would probably be an example here of just doing what is necessary for your goals.

A fascinating read.

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