Pear poached in mulled wine with brandy sauce

This is a recipe for christmas. I’ve never even tasted mulled wine before so this crimbo I bought some to try it out. Now I’m not a wine person generally but I wanted to see if mulled wine is any different in case I’m missing out.

Turns out I’m not really cos it’s quite dry like most wines but then that’s why I cook. I changed it. I added a little sugar and made it more palatable. Then I considered dessert and thought I’d try poaching a pear in sweetened mulled wine then reducing the wine to make a sauce. I spied the brandy sauce and my plan came together.
So I had that a couple of nights ago but this morning I thought I’d experiment further.

I love having desserts for brekkie cos it feels so naughty it has to be right. The looks I get you wouldn’t believe. No one seems to care that I’m starting the day with my one of five a day. I mean I’m starting with a pear, and sure, it’s wine but it’s mulled wine made from all sorts of fruits. That has to be good for you doesn’t it?

To mix it up a little though, I decided to add some crunchy oat cereal, partly for extra crunch and partly to make it more breakfasty. Boy that did add some interest. It was only half a poached pear left over from the previous dessert but it’s still a real pear and part of my five a day. The oats contain sultanas and coconut and stuff so also add to the five a day but also add to the fibre. I just like that crunchy oats can be a nice way of adding fibre with relatively unprocessed ingredients.

Anywho it certainly make breakfast interesting. Can’t wait to do that again. Now I’ve got to wait for my rhubarb crumble to finish!!!!

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