Have you tried a Paleo Diet?

Colin Chamberssteps Leave a Comment

Ok, so I’ve just heard about the ‘Paleolithic Diet’ and started checking it out for reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleolithic_diet . Very interesting. I like the concept. I’m not really one to say we should all go back to the way things were and assume it was all perfect back in the day. On the other hand though I like to understand history and learn from it because it’s always useful in our modern world.

In searching for a philosophy that describes the way i think this seems to have potential. I never fit exactly into any stereotype and in this I expect to focus on merging it with the moderns things I love. My argument will always be that we are designed as omnivores and we can adjust to many things. All we need to do is listen to our body and use the fantastic knowledge that’s now available to the human race and we can figure out what’ll work relatively easily with a little playing around and common sense.

I look forward to checking this out further, if I get the time that is :¬)

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