Baked fish with Roast Butternut Squash and Crushed cashews

ok, I won’t always talk about food but since you get 3 chances a day to treat yourself I like to make sure that atleast once it feels like a treat.

This time the treat was in how quick and easy it was to make. The ingredients weren’t designed to match perfectly like a recipe. I do that a lot. I thought I’d try something out to see if it would work.

The dish is fish with roast butternut squash, sprouts and crushed cashews.

Not sure how that sounds to you but it was very nice. The main issue is that I have to take our collie Cali out for a walk when I get home. So cooking my dinner has to fit in aswell. With this meal I roasted the squash while I was walking Cali and had the fish ready to pop straight in the oven when I got back.

I had a halved squash in the fridge, I removed the seeds, scored the flesh, sprinkled with olive oil, thyme, rosemary and seasoned. Then got the fish (it’s wrong but I’m not sure exactly what fish it was. It wasn’t salmon, but I’ve bought a few different fish recently and it could be any one of them) out of the freezer. Unwrapped the clingfilm, put a nob of butter on it and seasoned it. Put in an oven dish and covered with baking paper (I’ve run out of foil).

With all that done I put the squash in the oven and took cali out. When I came back I took the squash out for 10 minutes and put the fish in the oven.

Then prepared the sprouts, slicing them and putting them in the squash centre where there was a puddle of oil. I added a little seasoning to taste.  Back in the oven. then I crushed the cashews and added right near the end. The fish took about 30 mins.

Then I just plated up and ate it. What I love about this is how little work I actually have to do. I’m beginning to love butternut squash cos when you roast it your really have no hassle. Roasting makes it so soft and juicy and sweet. And I love that you can use it’s skin as its own bowl. No peeling needed. I loved the fish too. I used to think it was really awkward to cook cos I used a frying pan, you have to defrost it overnight and you’ve got a bunch of washing up to do. But this way was almost effortless.

Now I’ve got some spare time to watch some snooker.

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