Stilton and onion pastryless quiche

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Cooking should be easy. Atleast if you’re going to do it when you’re busy. I was stuck in that place with some blue cheese that needed eating up but no idea what to have it with.

So a friend of mine suggested I make a quiche. I said I have pastry but its frozen. He said do it without. because it saves time.

So I tried it and found that it’s incredibly easy to do.


This easy:

  • Sweat onions
  • Mix eggs and cheese in dish and pour in onions.
  • Butter dish
  • Bake
  • Eat
Prep time: 2 mins then however long you sweat your onions for

Cooking time: 30 mins

I over did it by cooking for 40 mins. They still tasted good but were dry. You learn don’t you.
I also forgot to butter the dish so it all stuck to the sides. Since I used individual Ramekins it didn’t matter but it might matter to you so I updated the procedure.

So, in all I was really impressed. I liked the quiche. Got to make it in individual ramekins so it’s perfect for lunch at work. Just freeze until the morning and let it defrost on the way to work. Literally no hassle.

Good food made myself with tiny amounts of effort from leftovers.

That’s the goal and I did it this time.

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