Can you cure migraine: Do you recover properly?

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Building on how to cure migraine The basic idea is that headaches, particularly migraine could be a reflection of the brain being pushed too hard in some way. Just like physical training can lead to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and severe pain that lasts for days.

Migraines could come in patches because the brain hasn’t fully recovered from the previous exertion. Common factors in migraine such as lack of sleep, water, food and others are all factors in making physical activity harder. It makes sense that the brain would behave in the same way as the body. So maybe the principles of training the body could be used to train the mind and help migraine sufferers.

It’s a very simply but very powerful thought. Have you ever considered migraine this way. There is much more detail I can add but I thought I would make this point first. If you are a migraine sufferer or know about migraines does this make any sense to you?

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