Could sports training strategies help with headaches and migraines?

Given many of my recent posts I’m now coming close I feel to a theory that can explain many headaches and migraines as the brains way of telling us that our brains have been pushed too far and they need time to recover. 

Partly this is because there is no real concept of the brain being injured, except for having a bump to the head, yet all the evidence is that it functions much like our muscles do in that as we focus our energies on a task certain areas of the brain consume more blood and thus oxygen and carbohyrdate. This also implies that they can get over worked. 

I’ve yet to find a physiological process that doesn’t suffer from overwork.  so it’s only fitting if the brain can suffer too. I think that’s probably accepted. My point here is that I feel the concepts from sports science to deal with this overt training/overwork effect that I feel is happening.

I say overtraining as well as over work because I generally notice migraines in myself and others when I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been pushing myself particularly hard. Often with out any build up or training to get my brain ready for the exertion that will occur. Put this way it’s clear I’m talking about training. Try it yourself think back to the headaches you’ve had. 

Not all will be be due to over work but many are likely to be. some headaches are caused by other factors but I’m just trying to highlight that knowledge of how to train our muscles to deal with the demands they are put uunder, particularly scarce resources such as fuel and water could be equally applicable to treating and preventing headaches. 

If you approach the problem with this mindset you may get some results that surprise you.

feel headaches n migraines may reflect a brain being pushed 2 far.
Over worked n the body can’t keep up with repairs. Perhaps leading 2
injury. If the brain is like a musc why do we not accept it may get
injured? Thus maybe we should learn how to treat the injuries

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