Touch Tennis: The five a side of tennis

Following on from Pickleball yesterday, today I discovered Touch Tennis when I came across @touchtennis on twitter. The idea is the same. I reduced size version of tennis the whole family can play and it began in Rashid Ahmad’s backgarden playing his 5 year old daughter. This sounds like a more practical short tennis idea because the rules demand fewer changes from the standard game and thus equipment.

The court is the same layout just smaller, the racquet are child size with larger heads and the balls are just foam which I already have a few at home.  They are very cheap from amazon. In the UK it really seems to have taken off with leagues and even a tour with grandslams and rankings!!!

Either way it’s exciting to find that there are ready made games of tennis suitable for a family and little ones. I really don’t like the idea of introducing them to a big court until they’re much older. I know about mini tennis but it’s always nice to have other options. The focus on net play is very interesting to me because that is what my game lacks. So it may simply be something I play to improve myself.

Touch tennis is also on google plus as +touchtennis

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