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Tech Is Too Cheap to Meter: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity

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Just came across this excellent post by Chris Anderson of long tail fame. I particularly like the references to nature and evolution. I can’t help but see that us humans are playing out evolution through what we produce. Scarcity leading to abundance seems a part of that.

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The new trend in wireless health sensors.

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It’s 2009 and while searching for devices with wireless health sensors I’m starting to uncover that we’re really on the brink of these things going mainstream. I’m really getting excited about it. I’ve mentioned the Fitbit elsewhere as a consumer grade version. Everytime I search now I’m finding more and more developments and products reaching maturity. Under the term wireless body area networks (WBANS) reports that …

Engineering and evolution

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Wow, I’ve just finished watching this presentation by Robert Full to TED. This is a topic that I feel is worth promotion and understanding. If you want to achieve something quickly it’s often best to follow the principle of Learn, do, Teach Learn from what’s already available Create a working version by using what fits so you only have …