What is the fan slam?

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The fan slam is attending all four tennis grand slam events, preferably in one year. It’s obviously a dream of mine and yesterday I read about some one who has done it. Grand Slam Gal.

So in the fashion of writing it done and making a plan I thought I would start my plan to complete a fan slam. Just attending each slam would be enough for me. Of course to attend each in one year would be an absolute dream.

I’ve visited Wimbledon twice and the World Tour Finals once so I only have three left to see all the majors.

Grand Slam Gal shared her Grand Slam Plan along with a ton more information about the best ways to travel and get the best out of the slams. It’s funny that being an Australian she rates the  Australian Open the best. But since everything she say about Wimbledon is spot on I’m going to trust her judgement. She basically said the same thing about the venues that everyone else says.

So this is the start. Lets see where it leads.

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