How to live with migraine: Can you push your brain too far?

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I feel migraine is a very personal challenge and so I am expecting there to be multiple causes. Much like there are for cancer. So I’m not expecting a one size fits all solution. I specialise in finding common patterns that then lead to individual solutions.

Lyles solution

In my main post how to live with migraine Lyle Henry was kind enough to share his research which, he believes, has cured his wifes migraine. You can read her story and journey at

The landing page is very interesting and the news is very exciting to hear. So I look forward to exploring their site over the coming months.

My theory: Predisposed to migraine

So how I see things really builds on from the idea that some one is predisposed to something. I have purposely kept my theory general because migraine is so wide ranging. There will be common patterns but each instance will be unique to the individual and the particular situation.

So I think it is pretty clear that genetics or epigenetics are likely predispose some one to migraine. However not everyone with a migraine gene will get migraines or get them regularly. Or, others who don’t have a migraine gene may still get migraines. That’s my assumption. I expect that there are a wide number of things that need to occur to make a migraine likely to occur and then one final trigger like having coffee, eating cheese tips the situation into a migraine.

Why An injury?

I consider the migraine an injury because the body is not functioning as it should and is causing pain. When the body recovers the pain subsides. In sports most injuries occur when athletes are tired. Either later on in a match or later in the season or tournament. Injuries are less common early on when athletes are well rested. I have a feeling a similar pattern occurs with migraine. I haven’t heard of migraines being common when people are well rested and chilling out, they generally seem to come when the brain is already very tired and then they have to push it further.

If the brain is like a muscle then it can get injured

That’s the crux of my theory. Thinking of the brain like a muscle as many people talk about. Well if that’s so then it will get tired. Maybe some of it is still fresh and relaxed but some parts of it are very tired. Like the visual cortex. If so then bright light would overload an already tired visual cortex eventually pushing it too far.

Triggers may tire the brain out

Each trigger that I hear about like caffeine, chocolate, lack of sleep, bright lights have a corresponding reason they would tire the brain out. These reasons I want to explore over time. I’ve seen research for each but only now do I feel I understand how to express it.

Can you fix an injury without giving up your life?

Mainly because I realise that as a tennis player I get injuries all the time. Some linger but most fix themselves and all the while I keep playing. Most days in fact. In can do this because I studied how the body works, much like lots of other people, but I studied sports science which has a different way of looking at things. That can be helpful but also a hindrance like any thing else. This isn’t the first time I’ve used this knowledge to fix a medical problem. Normally I’ve just used it on myself. Now though I’m gaining the confidence and skills to apply what I’ve learnt to conditions others have. I have had migraines myself but only a couple. What I have learnt is how to get my lifestyle to fit my body and mind so they live in balance, very zen don’t you think :-). It takes a while but it’s fun and long lasting. Based on the principle that you either win or your learn. Failing is learning so I don’t mind failing a lot because eventually I learn enough to win.

That’s enough for now. Time is very much the challenge these days with a toddler and a hundred other things to do. Many thanks for the feedback so far. It’s very helpful and something I will incorporate into my notes. Glad to hear some solutions have been found. I’m excited to learn more about them.

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