The practice section explores the practical approaches used by humans to live their lives and achieve their potential.

The practise section explores life, which at the most basic level encompasses the passage of time from birth to death and all the moments in between. The focus is on applying knowledge from the theory section to real life so it is represented by calendars and diaries

How will Practice help me?

Learn the Fit2Thrive process

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This free introductory course explains the Fit2Thrive process, giving practical examples of how you can start your self development process today

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Life is complicated and our learning is never finished. The fun therefore is in constantly learning new ways to enjoy the journey.

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Days out

Getting out and visiting places is what humans are designed to do which is why we are called hunters and…
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Diet: Food and drink

Daily life revolves around food in every culture yet the menu varies across the world from the Mediterranean to North…
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Hobbies: Passtimes

You may have heard of the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” anon Hobbies are…
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Enjoy the best holidays ever Are your holidays always the best they can be? Join me on a journey learning…
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How do humans learn?

If like me you love to learn then you’ve probably asked yourself many times how you actually learn anything. What…
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I want to be a pilot!!! Duxford Airshow 2015

[x_text]Today’s adventure is the amazing day we spent at the Battle of Britain air show at Duxford imperial war museum…
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Parent workouts

As a parent, you may feel like you have very little free time, barely any money, and are always exhausted.…
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Parks are a great place to spend time either on you own or with family and friends. From local, adventure…
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Play: The fun behind good health

Good health is about being happy because being unhappy affects you whether you realise it or not. I say this…
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The Road to Christmas

Have the best Christmas ever while getting healthier at the same time. I know, that sounds impossible but I’ve been…
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Travel: The great migration

Travel is about holidays, days out, hiking, business trips. In nature this is called migration. Travel is good for you,…
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We all know that walking is good for us yet most people do not walk much and certainly not enough…