Two children on a beach looking out to sea

Days out

Getting out and visiting places is what humans are designed to do which is why we are called hunters and gatherers. So days out are a great way to invest in yourself while having fun at the same time.

We all know that we need to get out more but the challenge is actually doing it. There are so many reasons we find not to get out which include:

  • getting up off the sofa,
  • finding somewhere to go
  • finding the money to afford it

Some of the benefits of days out include:

  • Improving your step count which puts pressures on your body that it needs and craves.
  • A change of scenery which relieves other pressures that are weighing down on you
  • Exploring and learning new things from new places to new environments

Below is a list of articles exploring all sorts of aspects of getting out and about. Covering the benefits you know about but many you probably don’t. There are so many different options there should be at least something you can adapt to your needs right now.

The most important thing is that you get out and do it regularly so there is no need to copy the activities the idea is to learn what it is about getting out that is good for you and find activities that you enjoy and give you what you need. You do this by trying lots of things and learning a variety of options so you always have something that suits you. Many of the articles here explain why each activity is good for you and in most situation similar activities will give you similar benefits.