It is important that you wnjoy what you do because if you enjoy something then you will do it again. The opposite is true aswell because we do not repeat the things we do not enjoy. That is how humans work so any successful approach to overcoming the challenges in life.

The great thing about fun is that when you are happy you can overcome any challenge so a critical step on the path to self growth is finding ways to make the journey fun and enjoyable so that you keep going no matter what.

You will make mistakes, you will face dark days, because any journey worth doing is hard but if you can find the fun in the life you are leading then whether you win or you learn you will be happy and you will bring joy to yourself and those around you.

Always find time to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years


That is a win-win situation and the path I work towards through Fit2Thrive. What you need to do to make the fun beneficial, not bad for you.

The idea is about find something you love and learn to do it in a way that gets your cells to do the right things for themselves. In this simply by having some fun you can also be investing in your health.

Keywords: Life as learning, evolving. Learning as play. Exploration. Discovery. Flow. 

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