Parks are a great place to spend time either on you own or with family and friends. From local, adventure or country parks there are so many on offer there really is something for anyone.

If you are ever stuck for something to do then a visit to a park is a great thing to try. There are so many that there is always one close by if that is what you want or further afield if you fancy a bit of travel.

Either way exploring a park is a natural way to do some hunting and gathering and pass the time doing what you are made to do. You won’t realise it but when you spend time enjoying a park you:

  • take steps which put pressures on your body that it needs and craves.
  • meditate which relieves other pressures that are weighing down on you
  • explore and learn new things from new routes to new wildlife

Every time we visit a park we get something from it, often a memory, that brightens our day and makes it all worth while.

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