Change comes from Pressure and time

Cell Your Sole (CYS) is all about using pressure and time to get what you want. This incorporates the principles behind evolution. I try to use this to my advantage. If I understand how things may evolve I can hedge my bets to get where I want to go. So instead of rushing, overwhelming yourself and burning out or injuring yourself you use time itself to get you where you want to go. You just figure out what pressure you should be applying, when to apply it and then figure out how much you can apply regularly. Pace yourself Do that and you should get what you want.

It sounds obvious but we all get caught up trying to fit too much in and buckling under the pressure. So I am interested in building change right into what I do and just learning to guide it. Helping me relax by knowing that I will get where I am going.

Change is simply a part of achieving my dreams. I try to apply constant pressure over time to help my vision evolve and achieve what I want. At the same time I keep my eyes and ears open. Looking for the effects of pressure and time elsewhere. Looking for opportunities and threats.

This is very much related to a wider theme evolution is everywhere that I follow on my original blog. To achieve your dreams you must change and evolve. The basis of evolution is using pressure over time both on yourself to give you the skills to achieve your dream but also understanding the effects of wider pressures on your dream.

An example is the dream of monitoring the health of your body on something as small and cheap as a mobile phone. Right now that is becoming possible but it is not very easy to do and cannot give you very accurate or detailed information. In years to come though this is bound to become a reality. The question, among others, is how long and which form will this take.

Applying these principles of change and evolution I am keeping an eye on the progress of related technology and ideas, just like any one else I am watching the field evolve. This is giving me an idea how long and which form it will take. At the same time I have learnt how to take advantage of these tools when they eventually come around because I have become a software developer and found the kinds of tools that will help me take advantage of these devices when they arrive. That is why I have become so excited by Unity3d. I feel it will underpin anything I develop in the future.

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