Singles Domination: Learn how to dominate your opponents

There is so much information out there to tell you how to play any shot but so little to tell you when and where to play it and why. Ian Westerman at Essential Tennis has designed a free singles strategy series to help you answer these questions. The point is to reach a new level with your game by letting go of physical technique to focus on strategic and mental technique. Learning how to give your opponent what they don’t want and getting them to give you what you do want. It is a hidden art. One which Ian can introduce you to.

Lesson 1 Smart players win

This series of videos is only available until Wednesday October 1st! Please be sure and check all of them out before then so you don’t miss out.

Ever wondered how so many tennis players are able to win without hitting “hard”? It’s because they use the strategies that Ian talks about in today’s lesson, so make sure to check it out right away:

Smart Players Win

Lesson 2 Huge Baseline Offense

Being able to create offense in your singles points is absolutely vital to your success on the court, especially as you start playing higher level players.

Stop being so frustrated by “pushers” and start taking it to them!

Learn three different types of offensive weapons in Video 2 of

Lesson 3 Your evil plan

This is how you put it all together. Smart player + Offense + Solid Strategy is how you learn to dominate your opponents. 

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