Playing on the floor. 5,4,3,2,1 start your engines

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ready to race!!!

Just a little Sunday morning fun with my best little friend. No furniture just play and using my body in ways I don’t during the week. So much fun

What I am getting out of this is that I am on the floor playing with my little one. Technically I am taking photos and recording memories but the impact on my skeleton and ability to move is the same.

Getting on the floor is a natural activity but only something that is easy if you do it regularly. If you stay in chairs all your life then you lose the ability to sit on the floor which is actually a problem for your health because if you have lost the strength or flexibility to get on the floor then any time you have to get close to the floor you will be stretching your body beyond what it can support which is where all injuries come from.

So believe it or not playing with the kids on the floor develops and maintains your body’s ability to get to the floor and sit on it comfortably because your cells are always listening and responding to what you do. So if you don’t do something then over time they stop supporting the ability to do it.

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