Pc’s have brains but where is the spinal cord and nervous system?

I’ve been wondering this for a long time. Technology often follows natures lead. In a pc the cpu (Central processor) = brain, GPU (Graphics processor) = visual cortex, where are spinal + peripheral nerves? where are the auditory processors etc they do processing too.

My point being that these are bottlenecks. Nature has seen fit to provide sub processors throughout the nervous system to support the brain in its work. sometimes even bypassing the brain completely. So why don’t pcs and mobile phones do this?

Maybe that’s a direction they should go. They’ve already fitted billions of tiny processors on the one chip. Why not just take a few of these processors off and fit them all around a device, connect them all together and work like a cloud?
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I thought someone else would already have thought about this. Turns out I was right. I’ve just found out about a new approach called ‘Speckled computing’ that is looking to break down computing in this way. Just reading about it now so don’t know too much. Watching a really interesting video.

Posting here to add to the concept.

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