New xbox 360 controller: A complete revolution

I was just emailed about a great new controller for the XBOX 360 game system. At first I thought, yeah right what has Microsoft done recently that’s truly innovative? Then my question was answered. Check out this video!!!

For my eyes it’s actually such an exciting prospect I’m waiting to hear the ‘but’. I’m wondering how long it will actually take to bring this into our homes. Having sold my xbox last year because I was sick of using the standard controllers I’ve been used to all my 30 years I’ve found the wii controllers and games a joy simply because they’re more interactive. 
I love the sports games most and you just don’t get the sense of motion from a standard controller. But if this new controller is really as good and the games come along for it then I will genuinely be impressed. What does bug me now that I think about it is that everything is so proprietary. 
I don’t think Google are perfect but I could imagine that if Google made a games console then they’d provide a controller like this and allow it to work with other games consoles, gphone and android anyone. Instead what we have is consumers stuck with the choices of the all powerful manufacturers. 
is anyone going to open up this market and really let innovation take hold. Ooh I can see I’ve been rattled. But then why shouldn’t I be when I can see a genuinelky impressive company and product being limited to just one device rather than being made open. 
Anyway I did a quick Google on Natal the controller underlying this advance and found some interesting info. 
I also just found this review on it. Still reading through but thought I’d post it before I’ve finished cos already it’s explained a little about how it actually works.

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