The theory section is about understanding the human being as a whole. How it works, what it is capable of and how to take care of it.

A lot of people are really intimidated by the insane complexity of trying to understand a human being but if you learn the basic concepts first you can understand enough to stop being overwhelmed and see the general way that your nature works.

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Featured image for “Ageing well requires staying fit”

Ageing well requires staying fit

Ageing is many peoples greatest fear because many believe that to age is to wane, that life doesn’t get any…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Battling Cancer through exercise”

Battling Cancer through exercise

The basic concept in this blog is that ‘fitness is the absence of disease’. It is widely recognised that the…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Binge eating”

Binge eating

Binge eating is something so normal to me it only recently came to my attention that I suffer from it.…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Can you reverse insulin resistance”

Can you reverse insulin resistance

I read an article Insulin resistance and pre diabetes and just had to report the findings of the major study…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Genes and Genetics”

Genes and Genetics

The way Genes and Genetics are perceived in current culture is that they are god-like elements that determine our fate…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “How exercise improves Heart Disease risk”

How exercise improves Heart Disease risk

The article challenges the standard explanation that high cholesterol levels are the main cause of heart disease. The author discusses…


Featured image for “How exercise improves your health”

How exercise improves your health

For years we have been told that exercise is good for us. Now the evidence is becoming indisputable.  Being inactive…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “How to help Dementia and Alzheimers”

How to help Dementia and Alzheimers

Lack of physical activity is now accepted as a serious health risk and the evidence shows that our brains need as much…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “How to lose weight”

How to lose weight

It is not how much weight we lose that matters but how we lose weight Fit2Thrive Discovering how to effectively…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Injury: Correcting impaired cells”

Injury: Correcting impaired cells

The pressures of life make us and they break us Fit2Thrive Injury is unfortunately a normal fact of life. Some…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Low Back Pain”

Low Back Pain

I find Dr Mike Evans presentations excellent. Back problems often come when the infrastructure of the back doesn’t work as…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Managing Diabetes through Physical Activity”

Managing Diabetes through Physical Activity

At university, I learnt how much exercise can do for Diabetes, particularly Type II. Since then I have spent a…


Featured image for “Obesity: What you can do”

Obesity: What you can do

Why is obesity prevalent now compared to 100 years ago or 1,000 years ago? And why is it also prevalent…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Rehabilitating a sprained ankle”

Rehabilitating a sprained ankle

I sprained my ankle quite badly on August 10th this year. I’ve sprained my ankles a ton of times before…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Sleep: Natures maintenance cycle”

Sleep: Natures maintenance cycle

Sleep is fundamental to health and any form of successful happy life yet we neglect it all the time and…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “The brain”

The brain

The brain is just the most fascinating thing in the world, at least it is to me. Carl Sagan famously…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “The effect of Exercise on humans”

The effect of Exercise on humans

Exercise done right has so many benefits to the human organism it is impossible to list them all in one…

Colin Chambers

Featured image for “Vision”


Vision is such a complex and incredibly useful gift and we are still learning so much about how it actually…

Colin Chambers

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