How to lose weight

It is not how much weight we lose that matters but how we lose weight


Discovering how to effectively shed unwanted weight is not just about the number on the scale but the journey and process we take to get there.

Through my personal experience in the battle to reach my ideal weight, I have learned valuable lessons that have brought me to a place of comfort and control. I am excited to share some of these insights in the hopes that they may be of assistance to others on their own paths to wellness.

I am continuously evolving and seeking new strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun along the way. It is important to me that my approach brings joy and positivity to my life, making it sustainable and enjoyable.

My journey has been focused on finding balance, self-care, and well-being, embracing mindful eating, and setting achievable fitness goals. I believe in progress over perfection, self-care, and empowering oneself to make lasting changes.

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Getting started with Fit2Thrive: Theory and Practice

Join me on this adventure toward health and wellness, filled with motivation, inspiration, and a commitment to never give up. Let’s create healthy habits, love ourselves, and strive to be fit and fabulous. Remember, the key is to keep things fresh and fun and never stop learning.

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Dreams: What do you want?

Enjoy what you do. Research shows that keeping up your weight loss activity is the most important thing you can do. If you learn to enjoy your life while you lose weight, then you have the best set-up for success in the short, medium, and long term.

Challenges: What do you need?

How do you fit it all in and get on with your life? The challenge is abouting dealing with pressure and you have to find ways to get on with your life while also setting up the right habits to set you up for weight loss.

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  1. food addiction linked to obesity
  2. Horizon: The truth about exercise. Brilliant episode: In line with everything I believe. Much of his research is from Loughborough. Shows that 3 mins High intensity Training per week has major health benefits, and that just being active in general is most important. Common theory is being challenged. It’s easier than we thought to get fit. High intensity exercise and can 3 minutes of exercise a week help make you fit

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Solutions: How do you get what you NEED by doing what you WANT?

Keep learning and expanding your knowledge of how your body works and what options are open to you. Learn how to balance your weight over time.

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